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Finding a tropical rainforest amidst a dry region like Dubai might sound like a dream but what if we told you that it is indeed true! The Green Planet is exactly the same – an indoor rainforest situated in the heart of Dubai. If you are a nature lover, it is an absolute treat because The Green Planet is home to diverse and impressive 3,000 species of flora and fauna. The whole area is segregated into four levels, namely: Flooded Rainforest, the Forest Floor, The Mid story and the Canopy. This attraction showcases the functioning of an ecosystem and is converged in a vertical glass biodome which is designed to look like a folded sheet of origami.

The Green Planet Dubai tickets offers an artificial 82-foot tall tree which is situated right in the middle of this mesmerizing forest. It also has an indoor waterfall connected to it. Your journey in this rainforest will commence by walking through a flooded rainforest which is aligned with a cavern of aquariums which showcase unique marine and amphibian animals. Most of the wildlife that is found here is native to South America, all that can be seen with your The Green Planet Dubai tickets.

Book The Green Planet Dubai Tickets Online

While the Green Planet Dubai Tickets can be purchased in person, it would be a lot better and convenient if you book the ticket online with us. It will not only save you from the heat and the crowd that flock to visit this attraction but can also land you some great discounts as well! One can enjoy the convenience and comfort of pre-booking but will also make your trip as budget friendly as possible. The Green planet Dubai ticket will get you numerous experiences including the likes of Bug Encounter, the Bat Cave, Australian Walkabouts and Sugar Glider Encounter.

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Why Visit to Green Planet Dubai?

  • The Green Planet Dubai is home to 3,000 species of flora and fauna, making it a great recreational and educational outing for your kids.
  • The professionally trained staff will also educate your kids with some much-needed and detailed knowledge about all the animals they might encounter during their visit.
  • Be it the bright and vibrant colours of a macaw, sloth’s laziness or the nest-building abilities of a leaf cutter ant, The Green planet Dubai ticket offers everything!
  • The Green Planet is the first of its kind indoor tropical rainforest in the Middle East, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  • The Green Planet is also famous for housing the world’s largest artificial tree. This artificial tree not only forms the roof of the Green Planet but also covers all the respective layers of the ecosystem. These layers range from the canopy to the forest floor and midstory to the flooded rainforest.
  • The Green Planet Dubai ticket offers an overall experience with some specially curated team of extremely well-trained staff and biologists at your disposal. They are there to introduce these creatures and the ecosystem to the guests.
  • Unlike a zoo or a museum, the experience here is very immersive, comfortable and safe at the same time. Take our word for it when we say that every penny that you spend to get the Green Planet Dubai tickets is going to be worth it.

Points of Interest at Green Planet Dubai

Bird Encounter

At Green Planet, you can have a 20 minutes bird encounter with rare birds like Toucan, Caiques or other small parrots. This is a great opportunity for visitors to get an up and close experience with the birds and learn more about their different habitats. There will also be experienced biologists to answer all your queries you might have related to birds. The overall experience is a lot different than say, a zoo because birds are in their natural habitat here and can fly freely.

Reptile Encounter

It is an amazing opportunity to get a personal experience with several reptiles like snakes, lizards and geckos. Just like the bird encounter, an experienced biologist will be at your disposal to give you all the necessary information. Maximum 5 participants are allowed per session when it comes to Reptile Encounter. Each session lasts for around 20 minutes and there are three sessions per day that take place at 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

Sloth Encounter

Discovering sloths in their natural habitat could become one of the major highlights of this trip as these lazy mammals showcase their adorable tricks. If you didn’t know, sloths are extremely slow-moving mammals found in the rainforests of South and Central America. Sloth Encounter sessions at the Green Planet can have a maximum of 8 people at one time. Including this experience with your The Green Planet Dubai tickets will give you access to a 30-minute session that takes place once every day at 1:30 PM. With the above activity, visitors can also attend the Sloth Biologist Talk once a day at 17:00 to know even more about this cute mammal.

Sugar Glider Encounter

Sugar Gliders are small nocturnal animals who have a thin skin flap behind their arms that help them glide from tree to tree. If you wish to see this astonishing animal up and close, book a 20-minute session of Sugar Glider interaction at the Green Planet that takes place once every day at 3:30 PM. You can also learn more about their importance in the ecosystem by an experienced biologist if you opt for this experience while purchasing green planet dubai tickets.

Creatures of the Night

Get a first-hand experience about how tropical creatures go about their day-to-day activities, when the sun sets! Nocturnal animals are always the prime focus of curiosity because they only function in the dark. You can experience the lives of nocturnal animals in this tropical rainforest. The walk through this experience is carried underground where The Green Planet’s staff has full knowledge about the day and night cycles of these animals. The major spotlight of this attraction is the Slow Loris family where you can see how these nocturnal primates use their reflective large eyes and ears that help them navigate once the sun sets. You can also admire other nocturnal animals like the Tokay Gecko, Parma Wallabies, Marine toads and the Lace monitor, on your visit here.

Green Planet Cafe

Getting The Green Planet Dubai tickets will also grant you access to The Green Planet Café which boasts of an all-new kids play area but the major highlight of this café is the ‘rainforest-themed’ terrace. The café opens up at 10:00 AM in the morning and closes at 6:30 PM so you can have the perfect jungle-themed family breakfast, lunch and dinner here. One can choose from the classic menu which includes scrumptious meals like scrambled eggs, hot dogs, pancakes, pizzas, burgers and more. Lunch is available from 12:00 PM onwards and includes meals like quinoa and berries salad. In short, get the perfect bang for your every buck spent for purchasing the green planet Dubai tickets.

Anteater Encounter

Nature fans love the Anteater Encounter as you get to have an exclusive interaction for 20 minutes with the anteaters. It is held every day at 2:30 pm and also allows access to the Creatures of the Night, Flooded Rainforest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story and The Canopy

Armadillo Encounter

With the Armadillo Encounter experience, you can enjoy a 20-minute exclusive exchange with the armadillos at the Green Planet Dubai. This is organised daily at 4:30 pm. With the ticket for the Armadillo encounter, you also get access to the Creatures of the Night, Flooded Rainforest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story and The Canopy in the park.

Porcupine Encounter

The Porcupine Encounter experience at Green Planet Dubai is held once per day at 12:30 pm. It allows an exclusive 20-minute interaction for the visitors with the porcupines. This experience also gives full access to the Creatures of the Night, Flooded Rainforest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story and The Canopy

Experience at Green Planet Dubai

Checkout things to do in green planet dubai and explore the fun like never before.

Dive in with Piranhas

There isn’t anyone who thinks that piranhas aren’t scary. But if you wish to get up and close with this marine predator, the Green Planet is the place to be. If you opt for the ‘snorkeling with piranhas’ session, you will be provided with a wet suit and you can then experience the piranha feeding-frenzy from inside the river tank! This 1-hour session is ultimately safe and only four people are allowed per day to have this session.

Feel the Thunder at Green Planet

If you wish to feel what a tropical thunderstorm feels like and that too in a dry region like Dubai, the thunderstorm at the Green Planet is the way to go. It takes place two times in a day and the storm lasts for around 5 minutes so you have enough time if you wish to get soaked in the rain. Such tropical thunderstorms can be experienced at 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM each day. High-tech visual and audio effects combined with a specialized rain system make the whole experience quite memorable. Even if you wish to not get soaked in the rain, fret not, there are places where you can just witness the thunderstorm without getting soaked.

Become Zookeeper at Green Planet

Being a ‘Zookeeper’ is one of the most intriguing jobs around and you can live this dream life too as you will be escorted by an expert team so you can witness behind the scenes with your own eyes. Visit the secured labs and also get a close understanding of how to protect and nurture some of the world’s most endangered species of flora and fauna. Throughout the week, such sessions are available from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm while during the weekends, they also host an additional session in the morning from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

Explore Events

At Green Planet Dubai, you can enjoy events like your birthday celebration amidst nature and animals. Kids love playing in the rainforest, interacting with the monkeys and learning about various reptiles. It is also a great destination to organise corporate events like media launches or team building days if you want to escape the city hubbub. 

School Fieldtrips

You can organise exciting field trips and explore the first bio-dome in the Middle East. A visit to the rainforest ecosystem helps the children learn more about various scientific and environmental issues. There are many interactive games, group discussions and role-playing activities which help the children understand the importance of tropical rainforests. 

Know Before You Go For Green Planet

While Visiting Green Planet Dubai, Please Checkout Other Essential Information About Green Planet Dubai

Essential Info
How to Reach
Insider Tips to Visit The Green Planet Dubai


Green Planet Dubai is located at the junction of Al Wasl Road and Safa Road, Dubai.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Green Planet Dubai anytime around the year. It is recommended that you plan your visit in the morning around 10 to 12 pm or in the evening between 4 to 6 pm. During this time, you can cherish a panoramic view of the stunning surroundings of Green Planet Dubai. 

Interesting Facts:

  1. Formed under a unique bio-dome, the Green Planet is majorly famous for being a one of a kind indoor rainforest in the whole of Middle East.
  2. The Green Planet is built under a 150-foot-tall glass building which in itself is an engineering and architectural marvel.
  3. Due to its unique temperature setting, visitors will discover how an actual tropical rainforest feels in terms of an overall ambience and weather.
  4. Largest artificial tree is situated inside The Garden Planet for visitors to explore and admire.
  1. The Green Planet is an astonishing indoor tropical rainforest situated in Dubai which provides a deep insight of the inner workings and functioning of an ecosystem.
  2. The Green Planet Dubai ticket offers 3000 unique and impressive species of flora and fauna. Most of the wildlife that is found here is native to South America.
  3. The roof of the forest is formed by a canopy that stands at an approximate height of 30-45 metres above the ground. This canopy blocks most of the sunlight peeping through the glass dome and aims to create the same effect as an actual rainforest.
  4. Getting The Green Planet Dubai tickets will also give you access to the largest artificial tree in the world that is situated right in the middle of this indoor tropical rainforest.
  5. The whole area is segregated in four major areas which are known as the midstory, the canopy, the flooded rainforest and the forest floor. Each level has their own attraction and specialties.
  6. To help with the queries of the guests and visitors, there’s a specially curated team of biologists and well-trained staff. They add extra value to your The Green Planet Dubai tickets.
  • By Metro: Dubai Mall Station which falls on the red line is the closest station. Once you’re off, you can get a short taxi ride to City Walk where the Green Planet is situated. You can also visit Nearby attraction of Green Planet Dubai with the same route.
  • By Taxi: You can book any public or private taxi that can drop you off at the Green Planet.
  • By Bus: You can take line 106 bus or line 81 bus to reach the Green Planet.
  • Consider setting aside at least 2 to 3 hours for a proper tour of Green Planet Dubai. For more engaging experiences, you may need extra time on your hands. 
  • Contact the management committee of Green Planet Dubai if you wish to schedule a weekend outing or a school trip. 
  • Try to visit in the morning or evening to avoid crowds and get the best rainforest views. 
  • Make sure you do not touch the animals and birds here as it could irritate them. 

Insider Tips to Visit The Green Planet Dubai

  1. Although it strictly depends on the curiosity of the customers, there’s a common belief that it would take at least 2-3 hours for one to explore the Green Planet. So if you are traveling with your kids, keep their meal time in check. However, even if you or your kids start feeling hungry, there’s a jungle-themed café situated inside the premises.

  2. The Green Planet can prove to be a great excursion for kids. So if you’re planning a weekend outing, a class trip or some kind of a birthday party, their well-trained staff would be eager enough to help you out with the stuff.

  3. The best time to arrive at the Green Planet is early in the morning as the crowds are comparatively fewer.

  4. Since the Green Planet sees a lot of visitors all throughout the year, the animals and birds are used to being in the crowds. However, it is very essential to let your kids know that they should not touch them, unless the staff allows them to do the same. Such behaviour may cause some discomfort to them.

Green Planet Dubai FAQ's

How many floors are there at Green Planet Dubai?

The Green Planet Dubai comprises four floors in total, namely: The Canopy, the mid story, the forest floor and the flooded rainforest.

  1. The canopy: It is situated at around 30-45 metres above the ground and forms the roof of the rainforest. One can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole venue from the canopy.
  2. The mid story: It is full of exotic creatures and birds like bees, macaws, parrots, butterflies, leaf cutter ants and more.
  3. The forest floor: After the mid story, next comes the forest floor which is home to slithering reptiles and insects. You can also find amphibians in glass enclosures.
  4. The flooded rainforest: The last one in the list is the flooded rainforest where one can witness marine animals that flock a tropical rainforest.

What all things can one do at The Green Planet Dubai?

Watch animals in their natural habitat: Get astounded by the different species of animals and plants, as the showcase their wild side in this natural atmosphere.

Experience the lives of nocturnal animals: Nocturnal animals are unique in their own right and if you have ever wondered how they go about in their day-to-day life, you can get a deep insight at the Green Planet Dubai.

Deep dive with Piranhas: Piranhas might be considered as one of the most dangerous and fatal marine predators but if you wish to see them up close, you can take a safe dive in a river tank full of piranhas.

An enlightening tour: Not only this but the experienced biologists present there will also indulge you with some crucial information and interesting facts about these adorable animals and plants, which can be an enlightening process for some visitors.

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Can we touch the animals inside Green Planet Dubai?

Yes, there are some specifically curated sessions where one can hold and touch certain animals under the able guidance of the Green Planet’s staff. The Green Planet Dubai’s website clearly states that for the health and safety of their plants and animals, one should refrain from touching, handling, feeding or harassing these delicate species, without guidance of an expert.\

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What are the most popular animals that you must see at Green Planet Dubai?

Here are some of the most popular animals that you must see at The Green Planet Dubai: Slow Loris, Piranhas, Burmese python, cotton-top tamarin, Cuban amazon parrot, weaver ants, sloths, archer fish, seba’s short-tailed fruit bats, sugar glider and geckos.

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What is inside Green Planet Dubai?

The Green Planet Dubai is an indoor zoo and garden with an artificial dome tropical rainforest. It comprises nine botanical gardens which resemble different rainforest systems across the world. It offers a vibrant space to enjoy birthday parties, school programs and corporate events with an interactive learning experience. 

How much is a Global Village ticket?

You can get a single entry ticket at INR 1500 which includes a Nature Park day pass for 1 child and 1 adult. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Standard Green Planet Day Pass which can be purchased for INR 4000. For those who want year-round access, there is the Nature Park Annual Pass for INR 5600. 

How many animals are in Green Planet Dubai?

There are more than 3000 animals and plants in Green Planet Dubai. You can encounter many distinct animals like squirrel monkeys, Arabian Oryx, Leafcutter ants, Archers Fish, Cuban Amazon parrots and Motoro Rays. 

How much time do I need to visit the Green Planet Dubai?

You need at least 1 to 3 hours to visit the Green Planet Dubai. However, suppose you are curious and wish to engage in intriguing activities like loth encounters, snorkelling with Piranhas or feeding the animals. In that case, you may need to set aside some extra hours for your visit.


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