Things To Do In Green Planet Dubai

About Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet is a one-of-a-kind tropical rain-forest ecosystem with over 3000 plants and animals located in the heart of Dubai. It allows the visitors to embark into the fun-filled day out and roam around its artificially curated life sustaining tree ecosystem. It’s highly unique in the region and offers a very substantial blend of nature and science together. The mamade bio-dome of the Green Planet Dubai is home to 3000 species of exotic flora and fauna sprawling over an area of 6000 sqft,.

Enter into the diverse ecosystem of tropical rain-forests where there are arranged a range of activities to experience in the Green planet Dubai . Here you’ll see animals walking around and birds flying over you on a walk through narrow paths covered by dense trees. The four glorious nature layers recreated within the dome allows a close interaction with diverse creatures at the Night, Flooded Rainforests, The Forest Floor and The Canopy. The various experiences such as Australian Walkabouts, Bug Encounter, the Bat Cave, and Sugar Glider Encounter are included in the tickets as well. Witnessing a thunderstorm and snorkelling with piranhas would be the most adventurous and entrancing activities to experience in Green planet Dubai. Professional trained guides are provided under the tickets who will take you along through the park while introducing visitors to the exotic animals and their habitats.

Activities To Do In Green Planet Dubai

Walking through the four storey artificial dome as you run around birds chirping in their natural habitat and watch out for the reptiles crawling on the self-sustaining tree ecosystem. There are a lot more things to do in green planet in Dubai like meeting sloths, sugar gliders and enjoying a daring session of snorkelling with Piranhas.

Bird Encounter

Venture into the Bird’s centre where you encounter the endangered bird species like Toucan, Caiques and other small parrots. A perfect experience would be to meet the most amazing birds living in their habitat which will for sure cheer you up. The colourful winged parrots would make the 20 minutes ( the allowed time period for the activity) wooze away quickly. Therefore, spot the cuban Amazon parrot quite fast by the red colouring of their head and spend the rest of the time adoring their beauty. Don’t miss out on the session arranged by the biologist to make you familiar with their habitat, threatful existence and get all your queries answered.

Reptile Encounter

Meeting the creepy crawling animals is exciting as well as a bit scary. Let your fear be subded encountering a number of reptiles of small size and some big constrictors, such as the Anaconda and the reticulated python. It would certainly be the most amazing thing to do in Green Planet Dubai and the whole activity would be performed under the careful watch of the guides. Learn about the different kinds of reptiles like lizards, geckos, snakes at the Green Planet by the biologists conducting a session for the visitors and don’t forget to get clicked with some of the creepiest creatures on the Earth. At max 5 participants per session are allowed for a duration of 20 minutes thrice a day.

Sloth Encounter

If you think you procrastinate then meet this extremely slow-moving mammal enjoying hanging upside down on the branch of a rainforest tree. While encountering these most sleepy animals on earth learn about their important role in the ecosystem of a rainforest as well. They are usually found in the rainforest canopies of Central and South America but the Green Planet houses these sleepy animals by replicating the conditions of their natural habitat inside its big glass dome. Sloth Biologists talk about these procrastinating mammals at 05:00 PM once a day for about 30 minutes, attend the session and know more about these interesting mammals while getting all your queries answered.

Sugar Glider Encounter

Watch closely for these very very small and cute little animals sleeping on a branch. Sugar gliders are nocturnal mammals i.e., they wake up at night and sleep in the day.Look out for them while recognizing them by their skin flaps behind their arms which allows them to glide from tree to tree. The encounter with these interesting animals on the forest floor begins once per day at 03:00 PM for about 20 minutes, 5 people at max are allowed in the premises. One of the amazing experiences in Green Planet Dubai would be to get these animals in your hands and watch them closely.

Creatures Of The Night

Don’t miss out on this one of the unique activities to experience in Green Planet Dubai where the guests are welcomed to experience an exciting in the daily lives of tropical nocturnal creatures. A walk-through is arranged in the underground part of the building where the Green Planet operators have full control over the day and night cycles. Here meet the Slow Loris family, they are nocturnal primates and have large reflective eyes with sensitive ears that helps them in effective sight and hearing. Catching a ‘tropical thunderstorm’ is the most adventurous thing to do in Green planet in Dubai.

Green Planet Cafe

Tried after walking through the enchanting forest, sit down for rest in the Green Planet cafe which is an exquisitely refurbished "rainforest themed" terrace and all-new kids play area. The cafe boasts of an incredible menu with all the classics including scrambled egg, pancakes, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and more. To entertain kids, soft play small slides, climbing and ball pit like entertainments have been put in as well. For kids having an interesting lunch while enjoying the slides would be one of the unique experiences in Green Planet Dubai. The cafe is functional daily from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Thunderstorm At The Green Planet

Experience the rare sight of thunderstorms in Dubai, visitors would feel the sounds and rumbles of electric flashes and strong blowing winds wheezing past them by. Thunderstorms form an essential part of the rainforest habitats and wildlife which makes it one of the special activities to experience in Green Planet Dubai to be enjoyed for sure. One would be entranced on knowing that a specialised design rain system with the effects of high tech audio and visuals help visitors feel the thunderstorm. It’s basically an advanced technology which makes thunderstorms last up to around 5 minutes and drench visitors in a heavy downpour between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm every day.

Snorkeling with Piranhana

Get in your wetsuits provided to the visitors, get briefed by an expert biologist about the dangerous Piranhas and dive into the Piranha River Tank for a snorkelling session. Imagine the excitement and adventure of Piranhas’ attacking you while diving into the pool to feed them, they become more ravenously dangerous with their hungry stomachs. Don’t worry about your safety as it would be ensured best by the team under whose watch the activity is performed, just pay an undivided attention to the instructions given to you. This adrenaline filled experience is surely the most adventurous thing to do in Green Planet Dubai.

Camping in the Rainforest

Grab the opportunity of camping amidst a tropical rainforest setting and experience tropical creatures in their natural habitats going about their day-to-day activities, in the dark. The visitors would experience a day of enchanting guided scavenger hunt in the indoor rainforest curated by scientists with expert technology, plus learn about the rainforest's most mysterious little friends in a nocturnal animal tour. The walkthrough in Dubai's only indoor rainforest would allow the chance to catch the "tropical thunderstorm", one of the unique kinds of activities to experience in Green Planet Dubai. The activities are performed under the expert guidance of the Green Planet operators who have full control over the day and night cycles

Zookeeper For A Day

At the Green Planet the aim isn’t only to entertain visitors but also help them develop a close bond with nature. One of the best offered experiences in Green Planet Dubai is to “become zookeeper for a day”. It will allow all animal lovers, adults and kids alike to experience an adventure of a lifetime. The “zookeepers'' are escorted by an expert team that allows them to venture behind the scenes, sneak in the laboratories and know more about how to nurture some of the most incredible and endangered species on the planet. It would sereve as a wonderful opportunity to expose all the aspiring biologists about future career options.


It would be one of the several exquisite experiences in Green Planet Dubai allowing visitors to enjoy a date with one of the most dangerous and highly aggressive kinds of fish species renowned for its razor-sharp bite. Piranhas aren’t only carnivorous and vegetarian, some are cannibals as well. The whole activity is performed under the expert guidance of various environmentalists who curate the whole tour for the visitors.


What is the best time to visit Green planet Dubai?

The most preferable time to visit Green planet Dubai is in the early mornings when the space is less crowded and it’s convenient to stroll around the various areas of the Green Planet Dubai. It’s also the time to enjoy the various experiences in Green Planet Dubai without any hussle and wondering about the tropical rainforest in a desert country.

Why is Green Planet Dubai so famous?

The striking factor that the Green Planet Dubai is an artificial tropical ecosystem curated by the technological and science experts amidst the high temperature surrounding the atmosphere of Dubai, makes it so famous. With a range of things to do in Green Planet in Dubai, explore the artificial biodome houses some of the most exquisite species from the tropical rainforests, some of which are endangered creatures as well. This unique and scientific marvel of biodome with a range of activities to experience in Green Planet Dubai attracts visitors every day.

How to reach Green Planet in Dubai?

The Green Planet is located in City Walk - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, visitors can take up the following transportation routes.By Metro- take a red line metro from the nearest station is the Dubai Mall Station; By Bus- either of 106 bus or line 81 bus or line 106 bus can be boardedBy taxi- Book any private or public taxi to City Walk.

Which is the best experience to have in Green Planet Dubai?

Watch the extremely slow moving sloth hanging upside down over a branch, little sugar gliders gliding through the branch to collect their food while enjoying the beautiful sight of the nocturnal animals . Any tropical rainforest isn’t complete without a thunderstorm, it’s one of the adventurous activities to experience in Green Planet Dubai. Enjoy an amazing dinner at the Green Planet Cafe before calling it a day off.

Can we touch the animals inside Green Planet Dubai?

Yes it’s but only under the watch of the biologists accompanying the visitors. Though it’s allowed to touch the animals, it’s still important for the health and safety of the animals that guests refrain from touching, handling or feeding these delicate species.

Which are the animals we can spot on the green planet Dubai?

There are beautiful and dangerous animals living in the green planet Dubai, nocturnal animals like sugar gliders, slow loris and various others can be found in the biodome. Amongst the crawling creatures look up for famous Burmese Python and emerald tree boa. Find squirrel monkeys and sloths hanging upside down the branches of the trees and endangered birds like Toucan sitting over the highest canopies. Find many bats as you enter the bat caves in the canopy area. The Motoro Rays, Archer fish and the Piranhas are the aquatic animals waiting to be spotted by the visitors in the biodome.

How many floors are there at Green Planet Dubai?

The artificial life sustaining ecosystem built scientifically under the bio-dome of the Green Planet in Dubai has four levels. As you run through the four levels of the large artificial dome you'd be exploring a range of things to do in Green Planet in Dubai. At the top is the canopy, followed by the forest floor and the midstory and the lowest is the flooded rainforest. All these four layers take up the form of a giant 25 metre high life sustaining tree, giving way to visitors and housing different animals collected from the zoo and private breeders. Each of the four levels represents the different aspects of a rainforest and their role in supporting the diverse ecosystem. All the animals in the artificial ecosystem are provided with their own space to roam around freely.


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