About Green Planet Dubai Tickets

The Green Planet has a one-of-a-kind tropical rain-forest ecosystem with over 3000 plants and animals in the heart of Dubai. It allows the visitors to embark into the fun-filled day out and roam around its artificially curated ecosystems. It’s highly unique in the region and offers a very substantial blend of nature and science together. The mamade bio-dome of the Green Planet Dubai is home to 3000 species of exotic flora and fauna sprawling over an area of 6000 sqft,.

The Green Planet Dubai tickets offer an entry into the diverse ecosystem of tropical rain-forests. Here you’ll see animals walking around and birds flying over you on a walk through narrow paths covered by dense trees. The four glorious nature layers recreated within the dome allows a close interaction with diverse creatures at the Night, Flooded Rainforests, The Forest Floor and The Canopy. The various experiences that a Green Planet Dubai ticket offers are Australian Walkabouts, Bug Encounter, the Bat Cave, and Sugar Glider Encounter. Professional trained guides are provided, who will take you along through the park while introducing visitors to the exotic animals and their habitats.

Book Green Planet Dubai Tickets Online

Booking online the Green Planet Dubai tickets is one of the easiest ways to explore this unique park, filled with dense forest. Advance booking with us will help you skip the long queues, and grab various discounts and deals. The tickets come under various variations which cover either a single tour of the Green Planet or are in combinations. The combo packs come with different surprises in which tickets to different places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium and Dubai Frame are included. The combo packs eventually help you explore the city better as they involve various star attractions of the place. A Green Planet Dubai ticket offers visitors exciting encounters with Birds, Reptiles, the dangerous Piranhas and diverse species during camping at night.

Take a look at the lories and lorikeets birds
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Green Planet Admission Ticket
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  • Visit Middle East's first bio-dome of its kind and immerse yourself with the tropical rainforest at The Green Planet

  • Stroll through four levels of the tropical rainforest i.e. Forest Floor, Flooded Rainforest, Canopy & Midstory, and get familiar with all the elements of an ecosystem

  • Book The Green Planet Dubai tickets online in advance and avoid standing in long queues at the venue

  • Experience a close encounter with the Green Planet's new member, the Sugar Gliders

  • See world's largest manmade life-sustaining 35 meter-high tree

  • Explore the tropical rainforest spread over 6000 sqft of area and see more than 3000 species of exotic flora and fauna

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All guests entering The Green Planet are subject to the policies and guidelines as set forth by The Green Planet Management.
  • Please take selfies and pictures without flash.
  • For the health and safety of the plants and animals, please refrain from touching, handling, feeding or harassing these delicate species.
  • The Green Planet is a smoke-free facility.
  • Respectful attire must be worn always. The Green Planet reserves the right to refuse admittance to guests with inappropriate attire.
  • COVID-19 related guidelines issued by the respective state authorities is to be followed mandatorily.
  • Food and beverage is not allowed inside the facility.
  • Price includes ticket only for general admission. All animal interactions will be charged separately
  • Children must be supervised always by an adult. Adults are responsible for the well being and conduct of the child in their care.
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The Green Planet Dubai Tickets Options

Green Planet Dubai
Green Planet Admission Ticket

The two kinds of variations available for your The Green Planet Dubai tickets are Green Planet Pass tickets and Green Planet Pass tickets with shared transfers allowing an entry into the Night, Flooded Rainforests, The Forest Floor and The Canopy area of the park. The Green Planet Pass tickets with shared transfers would also include various activities arranged at Green Planet. The option of online booking is available, it allows the visitors to enjoy an easy, convenient, hassle free and time saving booking experience.

History Of Dubai Frame
Dubai Aquarium with Green Planet and Dubai Frame Tickets

The Green Planet Dubai tickets would allow an entry into the Dubai Aquarium which has several hundreds of marine species and over 10 million litres of water. With an entry into the Underwater Zoo, on level 2, enjoy aquatic environments and distinct displays.

Get a stunning view of the Dubai Skyline at the Dubai Frame. It would lead through the famous skyscrapers of the city like Gold Souq, Burj Al Arab, jumeirah, lamer Beach, Atlantis the Palm and others giving a mesmerising view of the past and present of Dubai. At last, tickets would allow a visit to the tropical rainforests at Green Planet Dubai, the Middle East’s first bio-dome of its kind, which is home to over 3,000 species of different kinds.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa at the Top with the Green Planet Dubai Tickets

Appreciate the beauty of the skyline of Dubai in an exclusive opportunity from the 124 and 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa while sipping hot coffee from The Cafe. Under the same ticket head towards an all time opportunity of visiting the man made bio dome in Dubai. Here, marvel over the beauty of a 35 metre tree which is the world's largest manmade and life-sustaining tree.

Bird Encounter Package

Have an amazing time spotting various toucan (an endangered species), caiques, small parrots and many other birds in the Green Planet for a time period of 20 minutes. The experience would provide a close-up with birds so much so that even pictures with birds can be clicked. Visitors would get to learn about different habitats of birds from an experienced biologist during their session.

Green Planet Dubai
Reptile Encounter Package

Encounter a number of reptiles of small size and some bigconstrictors, such as the Anaconda and the reticulated python under a careful watch of the guides accomplaying the visitors. Learn about the different kinds of reptiles like lizards, geckos, snakes at the Green Planet and get yourself clicked with some of the most adorable creatures on the Earth. At max 5 participants per session are allowed for a duration of 20 minutes thrice a day.

Sloth Encounter Package

While encountering the most sleepy animals on earth learn about their important role in the ecosystem of a rainforest. Sloths are extremely slow-moving mammals usually found in the rainforest canopies of Central and South America but the Green Planet has these sleepy animals which are hanging over the trees most of the time as well. Sloth Biologists talk about these procrastinating mammals at 05:00 PM once a day for about 30 minutes, attend the session and get your queries answered.

Snorkelling with Piranhas

The word piranha means “fish tooth”. The species is deemed one of the most dangerous and aggressive kinds of fish species. Piranhas are popularly known for their razor-sharp bite that's capable of taking mouth-sized chunks of flesh out of other organisms. Enjoy this exposure with piranhas at utmost care and under guidance of the expert guides.

Camping in the Rainforest

Grab the opportunity of experiencing tropical creatures in their natural habitats going about their day-to-day activities, in the dark. The indoor rainforest curated by scientists with expert technology allows the opportunity to explore and discover the special activities of the nocturnal rainforest animals during night time. The walkthrough in Dubai's only indoor rainforest would allow the chance to catch the "tropical thunderstorm", an unique kind of activity to do in a tropical rain-forest. The activities are performed under the expert guidance of the Green Planet operators who have full control over the day and night cycles.

Which Green Planet Dubai Tickets to Choose?

The Green Planet allows a closer and authentic experience of the habitats of various animals and birds of tropical rain-forests. The Green Planet city walk Dubai includes sightseeing and bird-watching at the Night Flooded Rainforests, The Forest Floor and The Canopy. There are two kinds of variations available under a Green Planet Dubai ticket, they are Green Planet Pass Tickets and Green Planet Pass tickets with shared transfers.

The former includes an entry into the tropical forests and the flora and fauna with a stunning view of flying birds. While the latter would include not only sightseeing but also various activities arranged at the Green Planet. There is an option of offline booking available but it’s preferable to book tickets online to enjoy an easy, convenient, hassle free and time saving booking.


1.) Purchase ‘Skip the Line’ Tickets- Book your tickets in advance through online methods before to skip long queues, enjoy a hassle free experience and discounts on the tickets price. The confirmation process is not only time saving but also ensures a safe tour due to prior bookings.

2.) Book tickets with Convenience-The process of booking and confirmation of tickets from the comfort of your home is preferably an option over the convention of offline booking by standing in long queues.

3.) Experience more through Combo Tickets-To have a wholesome experience of the star attractions of Dubai, choose combo tickets which include different sites as well. It’s advisable to book the tickets online to enjoy a hassle- free experience.

Experience Offered in Green Planet Dubai Tickets

There are various Things to Do in Green Planet Dubai. Check them out below:-

Dive in with Piranhas

Experience a date with one of the most dangerous and highly aggressive kinds of fish species renowned for its razor-sharp bite. Piranhas aren’t only carnivorous and vegetarian, some are cannibals as well. The whole activity is performed under the expert guidance of various environmentalists who curate the whole tour for the visitors.

general_green_planet_01299d59d3 (1).jpg
Feel the Thunder at Green Planet

Thunderstorms form an essential part of the rainforest habitats and wildlife. At the Green Planet residents and visitors of Dubai experience the rumbles, electric flashes, blowing winds like of a real tropical thunderstorm. A specialised design rain system with the effects of high tech audio and visuals help visitors feel the thunderstorm even more. The activity is included in the general admission pass and it’s performed every day, at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Thunderstorms last up to around 5 minutes and drench visitors in rain.

Become Zookeeper at Green Planet

At the Green Planet the aim isn’t only to entertain visitors but also help them develop a close bond with nature. The event of “becoming zookeeper” allows all animal lovers, adults and kids alike to experience an adventure of a lifetime. The “zookeepers'' are escorted by an expert team that allows them to venture behind the scenes, sneak in the laboratories and know more about how to nurture some of the most incredible and endangered species on the planet.

Know Before You Book Green Planet Dubai Tickets

Here's how you can plan your visit to Green Planet Dubai for a splendid visit.

How to Reach & Location
Interesting Facts
  • The Green Planet, a man made bio-dome, aims to provide a remarkable glimpse of the functioning of an ecosystem.
  • An edutainment opportunity that allows exposure to the diverse species of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Marvel at the beauty of the largest manmade 35 metre-high artificial tree in the world.
  • It allows fascinating experiences such as Australian Walkabouts, Bug Encounter, the Bat Cave, and Sugar Glider Encounter.
  • It has four glorious nature layers- The Canopy, The Midstory, Forest Floor and the Flooded Rainforest.
  • Also there are various interesting places to visit near green planet for a perfect day.

FAQ's of Green Planet Dubai Tickets

Can the Green Planet Dubai Tickets be booked in Advance?

    Yes, the tickets can be conveniently booked online in advance. Booking online is the most preferable option since the outbreak of COVID pandemic due to which all the popular attractions have been running limited capacity. It helps in reserving the slots on desired day and desired time to enjoy a hassle free experience.

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