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About Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet is located in the City Walk Mall in Dubai and is one of the most interesting places in Dubai. The Planet is an indoor rainforest built to give shelter to more than 3000 species of flora and fauna. The temperature of the Green Planet is maintained at 24 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. The Green Planet Dubai is one of the most popular places among children because they find animals very fascinating and here, they can witness many living creatures and get to know about them which can be a very enlightening experience. As the Green Planet Dubai is famous among kids, the place can be very crowded during the holidays or during the day when children come here on school trips. Therefore, the best timing for visit Green planet Dubai during the week or early in the morning. The Green Planet contains a real ecology, is divided into four types of forests, and is housed inside a vertical glass dome.

Essential Information About Green Planet Dubai

Location & Timings
How to Reach

Location of Green Planet Dubai: City Walk – Al Wasl – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Opening Hours: The opening hours of The Green Planet Dubai are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Best Time to Visit: The Green Planet Dubai is a popular tourist destination that can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time to plan your visit to The Green Planet Dubai is early in the morning on weekdays. It is a wonderful time to enjoy a quieter experience among the 3,000 plants and animals.

By Car: The Green Planet Dubai is just located 3 miles from Jumeirah which means you would just need about 5 minutes to reach by taxi or by self drive rental. If you were thinking about how to get to Green Planet Dubai then this is one of the easiest and most convenient ways.

By Metro: The Dubai Mall Metro Station is the one closest to Dubai City Walk in terms of public transportation. From Dubai Mall, there is a simple method to go to Green Planet Dubai. By utilising the Dubai Mall Metro Underground, you can simply go to the City Walk in around 25 minutes.

By Bus: By bus 7, 28, and 81, you can get down at the Dubai Petroleum Corporation and the walk to the entrance of the Green Planet is just around 10 mins. You can also take the bus C14 and get down at Dubai City Walk gate 2 from where the entrance of the Green Planet is just 5 mins of walk.

Know Before You Go For Green Planet Dubai

Facilities And Accessibilities
Park Rules
Visitor Tips


  • Free WiFi throughout City Walk Mall
  • Three prayer rooms
  • A limited number of baby strollers
  • Mobile charging points in various locations
  • Multiple ATMs
  • Limited wheelchairs
  • Valet parking, car wash, and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Certified medical practitioners


The essential information about Green Planet Dubai are:

  • Wheelchair facilities are available for Green Planet Dubai guests at City Walk Mall.
  • Neat and clean public toilets are also available throughout City Walk Mall.
  • You will get entry to the Green Planet only if you have a ticket and please be ready to show your ticket as and when asked.
  • Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult and the adult will be responsible for the behavior of the children.
  • Outside food and beverages are prohibited inside the Green Planet Dubai.
  • No guest is allowed to smoke inside the Green Planet.
  • No guest is allowed to feed, touch, or handle the animals in any way.
  • All the guests are required to follow all the verbal and written instructions given by the staff of Green Planet.
  • Selfie sticks and standard tripods are allowed inside the Green Planet however flash photography is prohibited.
  • All the guests are required to be in proper attires, any guest in indecent clothes will be refused entry.
  • Your visit to the Green Planet can last up to 2 to 3 hours, so if you are visiting with your kids then please keep in mind your meal timings. However, there are cafes inside the premises of Green Planet where you can have various kinds of snacks.
  • The Green Planet houses many species of animals that can be considered scary, like snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. Even though the staff at the Green Planet does an excellent job at making sure that the kids are comfortable and safe, it is advised to the parents to give a heads-up to the kids beforehand.
  • The Green Planet is a very enlightening and interesting place for the kids or on a class tour. You can contact the management if you wish to make any bookings.
  • Even though the birds and animals in the Green Planet are used to seeing huge crowds, it is asked not to touch them unless specifically asked by the staff. Touching them might irritate them and they can cause chaos.
  • The temperature inside the Green Planet is maintained between 24 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius and the humidity is at 75%. It is advised that you wear comfortable clothes as you might get sweaty inside the Green Planet.
  • You will find a restaurant named The Green Planet that is based on the theme of rainforest and you can have a lot of varieties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • At the Green Planet Café, you can enjoy a vast buffet course for brunch with sloths where you will find a live kitchen serving delectable food.

FAQs Of Green Planet Dubai

How long does it take to go around the Green Planet Dubai?

More than 3000 different species of plants and animals can be found at The Green Planet Dubai, and you can get up close to each one. The timing for visit Green planet Dubai is 2-3 hours of your day, and the opening hours of Green Planet Dubai are from 10 am to 6 pm every day.

What should I wear to the Green Planet?

It is encouraged to dress appropriately and respectfully while visiting the Green Planet Dubai. The planet reserves the right to deny admittance to guests who have put on inappropriate attire. You should avoid wearing slippers and torn jeans during your visit.

Can we touch the animals inside Green Planet Dubai?

The animals inside the Green Planet Dubai are used to being around huge crowds, yet they are not comfortable with being touched. Like humans, they also like to be left alone and not be disturbed, and touching the animals might disturb and irritate them which might cause problems in their behaviour.

Which are the animals we can spot on the Green Planet Dubai?

There are more than 3000 species of flora and fauna found in the Green Planet Dubai and some of the animals might be scary, like lizards, spiders, snakes, and other reptiles. Some of the other animals found are Sloths, Toucans, Tree porcupines, different varieties of turtles, Arabian Huskies, etc.

How many floors are there at Green Planet Dubai?

There are four floors at the Green Planet Dubai, the Canopy, the Mid Story, the Forest Floor, and the Flooded Rainforest. The Canopy forms the roof of the rainforest and it is the top most of the tree you will get a stunning view of the entire ecosystem and various species of birds, bees, butterflies, etc. from the canopy one has to then come down to the Midstory floor where you can witness toucans, parakeets, nocturnal porcupines, etc. you can come down a staircase of through wooden bridges or ropeways. The forest floor is dark, silent, and humid and is home to various amphibians’ and reptiles enclosed in glass structures. The rainforest is flooded with various kinds of plants and animals like sloths, iguanas, green boa, frogs, lizards, etc.

Why is the Green Planet in Dubai so famous?

The Green Planet in Dubai is famous because it is the only indoor rainforest in the region. You can see a huge artificial tree and explore four rainforest levels. There are fun interactive exhibits and lessons about saving rainforests. After your visit, you can enjoy tasty food at the Green Planet Dubai cafe.

How much are the tickets to The Green Planet?

The tickets to The Green Planet cost between AED 155 (INR 3,600) and AED 215 (INR 5,000) per person approximately. You can plan your visit to The Green Planet Dubai by booking these tickets way in advance with us. You can explore four levels of tropical rainforest, see the largest manmade tree in the world and witness around 3,000 plants and animals in this unique bio-dome.

Are there any educational programs or workshops for children?

Yes, The Green Planet Dubai offers educational programs or workshops for children. These programs align with school curriculum goals and cover scientific and environmental topics. Kids aged between 3 and 14 years can enjoy interactive games, discussions, and activities. Programs like “Go Eco” and “The Rainforest Relationships” teach about rainforests and their importance.

Can I take photos inside The Green Planet?

Yes, you can take photos inside The Green Planet Dubai. You can use selfie sticks and tripods, but without flash. It is essential information about Green Planet Dubai that you should keep in mind while exploring the indoor rainforest.

Are there any age restrictions for visitors?

No, there are no age restrictions for visitors at The Green Planet Dubai. However, children must always be supervised by an adult or someone 16 years or older. You are also required to give proof of age before entering the attraction.


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